There are 3 Styles of Lashes

  • Classic: 1 extension on 1 natural lash

  • Hybrid: combination of Classic & Volume

  • Volume: 2-6 light weight extensions on 1 natural lash

Classic Extensions

Natural Full Set      $100      1hr 30min

Glam Full Set          $130      2hr


Natural Full Set     $130       2hr

Glam Full Set         $160       2hr 30min


Natural Full Set     $160       2hr 30min

Glam Full Set         $190       3hr


Natural Full Sets will get lighter weight lashes and shorter lengths.

Glam Full Sets will get heavier weight lashes and longer lengths.

During the consultation I will examine your lashes to see the length and diameter of your lashes. Then we will discuss your expectations and the best style for your lashes and eye shape.

My priority is the health of your lashes so I will only recommend styles that will keep your lashes healthy. Extensions that are too heavy and too long for natural lashes can cause long term and possible permanent damage to natural lashes. Some clients will not be good candidates for lash extensions. I will recommend growth serums that can help lashes grow stronger and longer in such situations.


Remember that following aftercare instructions is vital in maintaining the results and keeping your lashes healthy.