New Clients

Please arrive 5 minutes early to fill out the New Client Form.
You must always inform your Esthetician of any changes to your skincare regimen, medications, and health. These factors can cause adverse reactions to your services.
Parking can be hectic during the lunch hour rush and holidays so please plan accordingly so you are not late to your appointment.

Late Cancellation & No-Show Fee

You will never be charged for rescheduling.
We understand how busy and unpredictable life can be.
However, if you fail to notify us and cancel last minute or if you No-Call and No-Show,
you will be charged the following fees for the inconvenience:
  • Full Price for services $30 and less.
  • $30 flat fee for all services under $100.
  • 50% for services over $100.
Your first Late Cancellation or No-Show Fee will be waived.
After the 2nd time, you will have to Pre-pay or be Walk-in only.


We accept Cash and Card only.

Appointments for Minors

A Parent will need to be present to fill out New Client Form.

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