• Avoid heat, steam, & excessive sweating 24 hours before waxing.

  • Do not workout 24 hours before waxing.

  • Exfoliate area(s) 48-72 hours before waxing and not sooner.

  • Do not tan in the bed or direct sunlight 72 hours before waxing.

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing to your appointment for body waxing so your skin is not irritated by clothing that is too tight.

  • **If you shaved or used Nair/Veet, please grow your hairs out for 2 1/2 - 4 weeks. If your hairs are too short, you will have to reschedule your appointment.**

  • Drink plenty of water before you come to your appointment so your skin will be hydrated! Dehydrated or dry skin will feel more sensitive to the wax.

  • Please do not smoke, consume alcohol or caffeine before your session. This will thin the blood and heighten your skin's sensitivity and may also cause unnecessary bleeding and excessive sweating.

  • Ladies, you CAN wax while on your cycle. Tampons and feminine wipes are provided for your use. However, you will be more sensitive during the entire week of your cycle.

  • If you are using retinoids, please stop using it 1 week before you get waxed and also wait 1 week after your wax to use the product again.

  • If you are using Accutane or have used it, you will need to wait 12months after you discontinue using it before you can get waxed.

  • It is strongly advised that people who have diabetes, chronic kidney or liver disease, skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis avoid waxing.

  • If you have a compromised or weakened immune system due to an illness, infection, or disease such as the flu, cancer, MRSA(staph) or if you are taking immune suppressing medications or antibiotics, you cannot be waxed due to the high risk of skin removal, extra sensitivity, or spread of infection involved.


  • Avoid heat, steam, & excessive sweating 24 hours after your appointment.

  • Do not workout 24 hours after waxing or threading.

  • Do not touch the areas waxed or threaded with your hands as doing so can deposit bacteria and germs that can irritate or infect the sensitive skin.

  • Do not tan in the bed or direct sunlight 72 hours after your appointment.

  • Wait 24-48 hours to Spray tan.

  • Exfoliate area(s) 48-72 hours after waxing and keep up with it every 2-3days.

  • It is normal for skin to feel a little tender after hair removal, especially if it is a first wax or if it had been a few months since your last wax. You can apply a cool compress for a few minutes or apply Aloe on the area.

  • Do NOT put ice or alcohol on waxed or threaded skin.

  • Avoid wearing tight clothing and lace fabric for 24-48 hours.

  • Keep skin moisturized.

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